OTR Staff Training, A Second Wave of Directors for Personal Development

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Since October 12, 2018, the Directors of the Togolese Revenue Office have followed the personal development training at Livingstones House.

It’s their turn to re-discover themselves by the ‘DISC’ personality test and the 15 invaluable laws of growth, a book written by Dr. John Maxwell, the world’s leading expert on leadership.

Under the supervision of the Certified Coach, Mrs. Olatokunbo IGE, they are 7 Directors to make their vision board of 2019, in the sense of personal development and of their company.


Here are some testimonials at the end of this day:




“We appreciate this initiative. I believe that the topics that were developed during these two days will allow us to correct ourselves in our way of apprehending ourselves and to help our institution to reach its objectives. Knowing that divisional leaders have also experienced this training, we are confident that together we will better build our office, as our motto: federate to build. ”


Mr Mouhamed ASSINBOH :

“Let me first thank the authorities of the Togolese Revenue Office for this decision to train us. It allowed us to know who we really are. We learned a lot from our work with examples of leaders and success stories around the world and found that the trainer is a traveling knowledge. We hope this experience benefits other people at the Office and Togo level. This knowledge will allow us to correct ourselves, as well as some irregularities in our families, to upgrade and review our management style to create a new dynamic in the company. ”



Livingstones, Excellence is our Attitude !


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