OTR staff training, Directors take the bet of the consolidation of personal development

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Livingstones Center, welcomes since Tuesday, October 2, 2018, training in personal development of the Directors of OTR. There are 6 of them to follow the training directed by Mrs. Olatokunbo IGE.

After the presentation, the question that sparked the discussion was: who are you (in yourself)?

This concern led participants to (re) discover themselves in order to be able to better positively assume and to have a positive influence on their colleagues and the service.

The shared conclusion as a lesson was therefore: ” You must know yourself to grow yourself ”.


Here is a testimonial at the end of this first day:

Mr. Yaovi Sena ANAGO


“I noticed that there were some questions we thought we could answer easily, but we realized after the trainer’s explanations that these are profound questions. And speaking of vision, it was difficult to answer some questions. This training is interesting in that it allowed us to make an analysis of ourselves and as responsible, it will help us a lot in the implementation of our strategies in relation to the vision of our different directions ”




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