OTR Staff Training, The testimonies of the Directors confirm the quality of the skills acquired

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This Wednesday, October 3, 2018, clap end of the session of Directors. We handed them our microphone at the end of their personal development training as part of the OTR staff training at Livingstones Center.


Here are the testimonies collected :



“We have learned to know ourselves, but also how to help our employees and teams to achieve the goals. We think that this training should be organized from time to time and it should reach the chief sections, see the senior officers so that everyone can be at the same level of training for the smooth running of the Togolese revenue office. ”


Mr. Sarakata TCHANILE

“The training was very uplifting. It allowed us to discover the true definition of leadership, because we each had a design, but we were more enlightened during the sessions. We have also experienced the five levels of Leadership, and I think this training needs to be extended to the entire team. I encourage the initiative and I congratulate the bosses for thinking about us for this training ”


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