World Chess Championship: When Livingstones Brings a Star

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Since the 24th of this month, the Olympics of the game of chess in Georgia, a competition for all the national teams which takes place once every two years, is held.


Yvanna de SOUZA was selected as a player of the chess game of the Togolese women’s team to represent Togo during these Olympiads in 2018.


She was selected to be part of the Togo women’s team because of her acceptable level in chess games; to play despite his minor age with adults.

She was a participant in the Summer Camp 2016, where she learned chess and developed a crazy passion.

The Livingstones Summer Camp organized by TLRC is held every year between July and August.

We hope the team will come back with an honorable score.


Livingstones, Excellence is our Attitude !

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