English Language Classes

Our English Language classes consist of highly interactive sessions, conducted in a learning environment designed for systematic personal growth with a focus on the opportunities that abound to an English speaker.

Facilitated by trained first language English speakers, the participants are taken through techniques that lay the foundation for correct grammatical expressions and writing skills; the beauty of the Shakespearean language. To support their continued practice and growth in the use of the language, participants will have access to our well-equipped language laboratory as well as a resource library with over 12,000 English books.

We also offer specially packaged classes which can be tailored to meet specific individual and organizational needs. Bonus Leadership Seminars on a relevant topic based on the leadership principles developed by the world renowned leader and author, Dr. John C. Maxwell are also available. We are available for further discussions on partnership with organizations and institutions for specially packaged English Classes or any of our other programmes.

Winning Women Matter

A personal growth and healthy living programme designed to support the fulfillment of every woman’s physical, mental and financial needs. WWM is a self-evaluation course created for the woman who is ready to take the next step towards living a confident, empowered, healthy and successful life.

Through reading, teaching, sharing of life stories, peer-learning, engaging in sporting activities, participants will acquire life skills to unleash their God-given potentials, let go of the past and press on into a healthier future. The programme focusses on learning to read and write the English Language, acquiring and practising leadership principles, as well as engaging in sporting activities.

There are mentoring and coaching opportunities to support the personal growth desires especially for those who draw a plan and are committed to its implementation.

Testimonies from Some Participants in the 2016 Winning Women Matters Programme

“I joined this programme to improve my English and get leadership nuggets to move forward in my career. Before now, I was afraid to speak in public and always kept quiet in professional meetings. From 21st to 25th November, I travelled to Doula (Cameroun) for West Africa Operations Manager meeting and I didn’t use the translation equipment. I also spoke four different times during the programme in English without fear but with more and more confidence. With my children, I apply the leadership styles that I learnt at WWM programme.”


“The WWM training has helped me to improve my personality. Before, I was a timid person, I was usually afraid to talk in public but now, I try every day to break the ‘ice’ and reveal the leadership potentials in me. I tried several times to set up my own business but failed. Now, I have the courage to go beyond what I see and I am well prepared for success in my next business.”


Master Class

This is a 7 to 8-week in-depth study of leadership books written by the world acclaimed leadership speaker, Dr. John C. Maxwell. This affords the opportunity to join forces and master-mind with a unique group of like-minded individuals who are focused on taking results in every area of their lives to a new level. Having the support and ideas from other focused and driven people allows us to see things differently and to get a new perspective on goals and action plans.

Facilitated by a certified coach with the John Maxwell Team, the classes are tailored in a way that allows professionals, business men and women, and everyone with busy schedules to participate at a convenient time.

Summer Camp

This is a bilingual Summer Programme in which English-speaking participants from outside Lomé, Togo get to interact with the Togolese children and other French-speaking nationals that also participate in the programme. It is a very unique opportunity that affords both groups of participants to practice speaking their new language.

The programme holds in summer every year between July and September, admits children between ages 5 and 16, and usually runs in two batches for a minimum period of three weeks each. Participants undergo intensive training in English and French Languages, leadership and personal development. Other highlights of the programme include excursions within and outside Lomé, games and extracurricular activities such as music, theatre, arts and crafts.