This is designed by the Centre in partnership with schools for specially packaged programmes. The three main programmes organized in partnership with schools are :

School’s Exchange

Here, the Centre facilitates schools’ collaboration for immersion programmes in French and English Languages. Partnership is welcome from schools within and outside Togo. Leadership and Personal Development classes are also a part of the exchange programme. The programme is tailored to meet specific needs of partner schools, and will typically run for 2 – 3 weeks.

Through our exchange programme, participants will be exposed to a different culture, learn to develop interpersonal skills, self-leadership, language and communication skills needed to ensure a systematic personal growth. The children will also have the opportunity of classroom experience in a partner school. Participants from outside Togo will be accommodated at our comfortable hostel situated in a secure environment about ten minutes’ drive from the Centre.

Book Club for Schools

This programme offers flexible, tailor-made partnership opportunities with schools to promote a reading culture and increase students’ potential and competitive capacities through their mastery of the English Language.

Partners can also enroll their students for our on-site sporting activities such as swimming, table tennis, and knowledge enhancing games such as chess, scrabble and other word games. Our staff will be pleased to support your school to establish book clubs and conduct Mastermind Groups on books that promote and enhance youth personal leadership and development skills.

Library Membership

Do you have access to books in English Language? Are you promoting a reading culture in your school? Are your children self-confident public speakers? The Livingstones Resource Centre offers a great opportunity for your students to have access to our library, stocked with over 12,000 children’s books in English Language, videos, word games etc. for personal development.

Our Language Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art facility to enhance the learning and use of English Language. Schools can partner with us to have their children enroll at our library for personal development.

Bookworm Book Club

The Bookworm book club was established to promote a reading culture, especially in English Language among children and young adults. It is a reading club which aims at encouraging learning through reading. The Bookworm offers the opportunity for children to meet and share ideas under a very relaxed and serene environment, thereby helping them develop great communication skills through reading, writing and speaking. At the Bookworm book club, children are exposed to limitless potentials that abound from reading books in our well-resourced library with over 12,000 books in different fields. The club also provides language and leadership classes to further equip the children in becoming leaders, just as the saying goes, ‘readers are leaders’.